How can we encourage Boys to read for pleasure?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

This article from The Guardian presents ideas for reluctant bookworms...

It’s a challenge for teachers to get any of their students excited about reading, but it might surprise you to hear that the most reluctant bookworms are boys.

The National Literacy Trust has noted that girls continue to outpace boys in their enthusiasm for reading for pleasure. Their latest study also found that nearly twice as many boys as girls said they do not enjoy reading at all, by 13% to 7%.

“Too many boys still seem disinterested in reading, and far, far too many children simply never become readers at all. So we writers and illustrators and storytellers, and parents and teachers, and publishers and booksellers, must continue to play our part,” said the celebrated writer for young adults Michael Morpurgo.

So what do teachers think we need to do to ensure more boys enjoy literature?