"I got my results. And I got Excellence for both of my external papers!! That means that all of my Level 2 English papers, both Internal and External papers!! Without you there is no way I could've ever done that!

I've had so much fun in my English classes with you. And I've learnt so much from you! So thank you!

Have a fantastic year, teaching and inspiring many more students to actually have fun in English! Something I never thought I'd ever say! Thank you for everything."

Year 12 student


"Thank you so much for teaching me since I was in Year 4! Over the course of four years, you have ameliorated my English skill massively!

You've improved my skill AND understanding on both reading comprehension and writing. I've learned so much new content when with you. Thanks so much.

Year 7 student

"Taryn has taught me for nearly two years, and I have definitely improved a lot with her help! Taryn has pushed me to explore areas of writing that I was not that familiar with, and helped me develop all my writing skills. Looking back on it now, I really can’t believe how much my writing has progressed. I have to thank Taryn for that."

Year 7 student


"We wanted to thank you so much for the tutoring you have been doing with our son.

As a year 12 Cambridge Student that looked set to fail English,  he has gained confidence in his ability in English and a better understanding of how to structure Exam Essays to achieve the results we knew he was capable of. Your style of tutoring  has really worked well with him, as has the additional information provided and review of his course work. He is now achieving good pass rates in English and we have our fingers crossed he will 'knock it out of the park' in his final exam. We could not have done this without you and appreciate the skills you have taught him for life."

Heidi, mother of Year 12 student


"Thank you very much for helping my son gain confidence in English. He has enjoyed your classes."

Dmitri, father of Year 5 student

"Thank you for all your help this year. I don’t think I’d have managed without it."

Year 12 student, NCEA Level 2

"We’re really grateful for the investment you’ve made with him as it’s definitely helped him accelerate his progress. Thanks for your help and all the very best for what the year holds."

Francine, mother of Year 12 student

"Thank you very much for your help. You have been a good and patient teacher."

Nazimah, mother of Year 12 student

"We were looking for a tutor for our six year old daughter to assist with her reading when we found Taryn. We really appreciate all that she has learnt from Taryn’s valuable lessons. Her reading / writing assessments have shown that she is performing above average. Her confidence levels have improved hugely over the last two years, she is now happy to take on writing and reading challenges she would never have considered."

Rochelle, mother of Year 4 student

"Thank you so much for helping me with my English level 3 and Scholarship. Your feedback, the countless stacks of printed resources & the dedication: this has motivated me to perform my best in all my exams. Thank you also for the brilliant revision ideas. I am so pleased to have met you."

Year 13 student

"Just to let you know, I got an Excellence endorsement for my Level 3 English. It was my best subject this year! Thank you very much :)… Scholarship results came out today, and for English, I got an Outstanding Scholarship because I got 19 out of 24! Thank you very much for all your help last year. I am so, so happy.”

Year 13 student

"I thought you'd like to know that she got an overall Merit pass for her English and even a few Excellents on some papers! She's very pleased with herself, we both owe you a big thank you. 😊"

Lianne, mother of a Year 12 student

"Hi Taryn just thought I'd let you know I got two Achieved and a Merit in my written essay. Thank you for all your help, I probably wouldn't have passed without it!"

Year 13 student

"I wanted to tell you that he feels he has improved with your tutoring. His assessment result was pretty good too and he got a distinction in ICAS English. He also got top marks in his recent movie text essay. Thank you so much for your tutoring."

Lisa, mother of Year 9 student

"Just to let you know... he said that he did 2 essays and wrote 2 paragraphs plus an introduction and summary. He feels fairly confident that he's done well😄 Wow, thank you for getting him to that stage!"

Carolyn, mother of reluctant Year 11 student

"I would like to thank you very much for your help with my daughter's reading and writing. Last term's school report shows her reading and writing has improved a great deal. Her teacher has indicated that she is working at a very good level. We are happy to leave her with you to help her further her progress. Many thanks for your effort."

Summer, mother of Year 3 student

"Six months ago I browsed the internet to find an English tutor for my son. I found Taryn. Now six months have passed I want to say 'thank you' to Taryn. My son has made huge progress. He did very well in the Reading test at school. Taryn uses her useful special ways to improve his interest in reading and writing. Now in his spare time, he can sit down and write his stories, instead of playing on his iPad."

Joy, mother of Year 3 student

"Thanks Taryn, I'm just so glad that we found you! The improvement with the kids has been great and I'm sure they will go on to do even better."

Kay, mother of Year 13 and Year 10 students

"Thank you so much for all you did for my son."

Lynda, mother of Year 12 student

"I came across Taryn’s website whilst looking for a replacement English tutor for my son. We had a hiccup after previously employing the services of another tutor for my 16 year old. Unfortunately his tutor wasn’t able to find a suitable time to accommodate him and to be honest although she was lovely my son wasn’t really engaging well or getting any great results. Thank goodness I found her! I also have a very bright 13 year old daughter who is very creative with her English but lacked structure, she was quickly becoming disenchanted with school work, so Taryn took on both my children as students. She’s now turning Merits into Excellences thanks to Taryn’s coaching. The improvement has been more than pleasing, the kids are enjoying the tasks and work that Taryn thoughtfully sets them weekly. Taryn is extremely engaging and knowledgeable. She diligently checks all homework and assists with coursework, it is obvious that she enjoys every minute of it. She researches for the best results for my kids and sets work that pushes them beyond what they learn at school Both my kids have improved in leaps and bounds and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."


"My son has been tutoring with Taryn for a couple of years. During this time his ability to understand what is required from him in his various school english assignments and exam questions has improved. With NCEA internals and exams this year I know that Taryn's experience has had a direct impact on my son's confidence levels and ultimately his results. English has and continues to be his least favourite subject but even so he looks forward to his time spent with Taryn. This is testament to her ability to make her sessions not only immediately applicable to his most recent work but actually enjoyable!"


"I have a 16 year old daughter who is doing well in all subjects except English - especially essay writing... she lacks belief in herself yet she can do it when she takes the time with it. We need some urgent help as the MOCKS are coming up shortly and she has just received her latest essay result back 'not achieved'.... She just text me to say she got Achieved for Creative Writing and Achieved for Unfamiliar Text. That's fantastic!! She is very pleased with herself. Thank you for your help in getting her to this stage.... Just thought you would also like to know that she got an Achieved for her Romeo & Juliet essay and a MERIT for her Notebook essay!!!! She couldn't wait to tell us and she is extremely proud."


 "Taryn had a calm and patient approach, she researched and found some useful websites and information to help in preparation for the exam as well as helping with the technicalities required for the papers.... We heard on Wednesday morning that he was offered a place at his first choice school."

Anna, mother of Year 8 student (studying for UK 13+ Common Entrance exam)

"He is leaving your sessions really happy and with enthusiasm for his writing, very different from before already. Thank you for your help so far and I give you, not the school, the credit for his achievements. He has loved writing his 'book' and is grinning from ear to ear after getting feedback from you with it, he is so proud of himself."

Megan, mother of Year 8 student

"Taryn was really helpful to me. She explained to me how to write essays simply so I could understand." 

Kaori, Year 12 student


"She really enjoyed the workshop - she couldn't stop talking about it all when she got home! She has always loved reading and just recently started writing - her older cousin also is a keen booklover and writer so that has certainly helped her enthusiasm over the holidays."

Jo, mother of Year 7 student

"She really enjoyed her day and said the girls at the workshop were friendly and inspiring. She said she would love to come back in future."

Tracy, mother of Year 8 student

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