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Aren't words just amazing...

You can tell a story, paint a picture, travel the world, or galaxies even, just using the power of words. Kids are our creative powerhouses & encouraging them to dive into the the world of words head-first not only prepares them to be strong communicators, but also puts them on a creative path for life...

If you have a child who wants to expand their horizons and explore their creative potential, but is possibly being held back by their academic focus, I can help. They will certainly leave me with the 'write' idea!

... and worth getting lost in!

My name is Taryn & I’m a UK trained English primary/ secondary teacher who has a passion for writing. Having taught in the UK and worked in the publishing industry for many years, I have experienced both the academic & commercial faces of creative writing.

I work as an English tutor in Murrays Bay, so if you're looking for extra tuition for your child on the north shore in Auckland, pop in because I’m just around the corner!

"Our happy ending is to know that no matter where they go, a child lost in a book will always find their way home..." (Paul Jennings - writer)